Sassi Piero Srl knows how important the right choice of bathroom accessories is to create a pleasant, relaxing and at the same time functional environment that goes well with the style chosen for your home.

And, precisely for this reason, it has decided to expand its proposal of shower columns for the bathtub edge in order to satisfy every need of taste and style: Floor standing shower for bathtubTraditional version, Minimal version, Classic version and Contemporary version, plus an additional handshower holder for a perfect combination of practicality and elegance.

When you are preparing to furnish a house, whether it is a renovation, a house under construction or a second home, one of the most important aspects to take into consideration is the coherence of the style.

To be harmonious - and therefore become a pleasant environment in which to feel at ease - it is important to think of spaces with a common thread in order to create harmony within the home environment.

The use of color, for example, but also of materials, which in the different uses within the home create a link between the various rooms.

Personal taste and preferred style must then, of course, pivot every environment in order to make it unique and in tune with your own nature and character.

One of the most "difficult" but also the most intriguing environments to furnish is the bathroom.

In the past, it was often left to itself, so to speak - thought more for its pure and simple functionality than as an environment to live in - but, for some years now, the trend has reversed and has become one of the most representative environments, often conceived as a real relaxation area whose style maintains a link with the rest of the house.

If we opt for an eco-friendly house, most likely our bathroom will be made of wood or stone. If, on the other hand, the house has an alternative style, we can opt for brighter colors and more impactful shades, perhaps with tiles with a particular shape.

Bathroom accessories must first of all be functional, but they must also have character- like the proposals in the Sassi Srl catalog - to give the bathroom the right impression taking into account practicality, design, quality and eco-sustainability.

The washbasin is often placed on a surface to offer more space for accessories and taps.

The mirror occupies a very important space: round, square or rectangular is one of the essential elements.

Another characterizing element is the shower column, such as the choice of the shower head and the presence or absence of a bathtub.

For Sassi Srl, water is the determining element from which everything starts and it is for this reason that it offers only totally Made in Italy taps, with the exclusive use of noble materials to guarantee the purity of the main element - water - and linear, simple and consistent designs.

Whether it is a contemporary bathroom, with modern minimalist furniture, with an industrial style, vintage, colorful or a classic and traditional taste, Sassi Piero Srl offers tap accessories that meet every taste and style need.

An example?

Ourfloor standing shower for bathtub that comes in four different styles and with a wide choice of finishes.


This shower column, composed of two brass pipes, has a T support bracket in the central part and an essential finish that is well suited to an informal or more traditional style.

The peculiarity of the materials used ensures the quality of the product in terms of safety, durability and style, but it is also comfortable to assemble, handy and easy to clean.

A chromed brass shower column also available in other finishes on request, in order to harmonize perfectly with any type of bathtub and taps.


It is the same shower column in terms of quality of materials and in terms of safety, durability, ease of assembly and handling but, this time, proposed without a T support bracket, which gives it a simpler and more linear aesthetic suitable for a minimal style, industrial chic and contemporary.

Also in this case, the standard finish proposed is in chromed brass, but different variants of finishing are available on request.

It is compatible with all types of taps.


In this version, the shower column is characterized by the presence of a spherical rosace in the final part of the two tubes.

The chrome-plated brass finish and the spherical rosace create a style that goes well with a classic and traditional bathtub or in an informal style and with any type of bathroom shower tap.

This floor standing shower for bathtub edge is also available with a handshower holder with jaws to be able to position the hand shower and combine practicality and elegance with the bathroom.

On request, other variants of the finish are available.


This shower column is also composed of two pipes with an essential finish and a cylindrical rosace in the final part of the pipe.

The variant with a cylindrical rosace creates a design that perfectly matches a modern, contemporary or minimal style.

A shower column that allows perfect harmony with any type of bathtub and modern taste taps.

Also in this case, as in the previous one, it is possible to combine a handshower holder with jaws to be able to position the hand shower, without neglecting elegance and practicality.

This article is offered in chromed brass in its standard version, but different variants of finishing are available on request.

Consult our catalog and choose from the different proposals of tap accessories, shower arms, shower columns, shower heads: we are sure that you will find the model that best suits your taste and style needs.

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