ART. 2080

This right angled shapes shower column has a rectangular section and presents a sober and elegant finish to better conform to the style and design of a shower cabin or a modern and refined shower enclosure.

The robustness of the materials ensures the quality of the product in terms of safety, durability and style. A shower column in chrome-plated brass that allows perfect harmony with the shower enclosure.

It is comfortable to assemble, handy and easy to clean.

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Technical features

  • Materials: Chrome- plated brass

Variants Article

Article Measures Material
rt.2080 – Shower column 300 mm X 111mm - Connection 3/4" - 1/2" Chrome- plated brass


If you are interested in a particular article, but you have not found the right sizes, or you need to meet specific requirements, Sassi Piero Srl is always available for specific requests and to verify the possibility of satisfying your needs.

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All Sassi Srl production items use highly selected, and top quality materials that are processed with experience and passion for guaranteeing high quality finished products.

The entire production takes place in our factory in Gozzano (NO) and is totally Made in Italy, as well as style and design.

Shower column is a bathroom element that, in addition to performing its specific function, is also an essential piece of furniture that contributes to the style and design of the same.

The Sassi Srl shower columns are made of noble materials, such as stainless steel. Furthermore, many models are subject to specific treatments and finish to optimize protection and shine.

Regular cleaning is, therefore, an essential prerogative to avoid the formation of marks and stains.

There are many anti-limescale products on the market for cleaning the shower and the shower column. Still, you have to be careful not to use overly aggressive products which, over time, may interfere with the protective treatments and change the lustre of the metal.

The advice of Sassi Piero Srl is to dry the shower column with a soft cloth at the end of its use, to avoid water stagnation and the formation of limescale which oblige the use of aggressive products.

Sassi Srl has a large stock of items in production in the warehouse; therefore, since the moment the order is placed, it is just necessary the standard processing times to move delivery from the warehouse department.

However, it is always possible to be aware of the status of the order by contacting our sales department directly.

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